Liang Ge

27 Years, Oslo, Norway

Reason for participation

Cause i am a young and full of energy guy. The most important is i am a sushi Chef and i love sushi soooo much. In this age there are not so many people work for sushi from theirs mind,but i am! I always want to make good sushi to my guest. I like to learn from chefs,from guests, from fish, from knife. I always want to upgrade myself. I think i can prove and show my skills though this match. And i can also learn and see a lot from this match. Is very pleasure to join this match.

My Work

Professional Experience

  • Sushi Chef
    Lille-asia (oslo) - aug 2015-

  • Sushi Chef
    Restaurant Sawan (oslo) -

  • Sushi Chef
    Nodee (oslo) -

  • Sushi Chef
    Lotus /shin sushi (Tromso) -

  • Matborsen (Bergen) -

  • Opplæring
    Berns Asiatsks (Swden) -

  • Kitchen Helper
    solstrand hotel/spa (Bergen) -