Jose Luis Gregorio Rojas

41 Years, Oslo, Norway

Reason for participation

For the first place I want to participate because I want to present my work and with that, have a greater international projection.
For me sushi is a way of life and I work in the fusion of sushi with western ingredients and new culinary techniques, and this event is a unique opportunity to present my vision of "" to the world, especially Norway where is located my catering company.
In addition, I consider this event a valuable opportunity to learn from great teachers and thereby improve my work. I am very interested in participate in the seminar and perform the examination to obtain the International Sushi Proficiency Certificate. which is really important to my work.
My goal as sushi chef is to be world wide recognize, and be able to innovate every day with new ingredients.

My Work

Professional Experience

  • Owner/Head Chef
    KOKORO NORGE. Oslo,Norway - oct, 2013-

  • Headchef (SushiArea)–ConsultantChef

  • Chef Consultants

  • Gourmet Director

  • Gastronomic Director of the Oriental Cuisine Department
    KITCHEN CLUB. Madrid, Spain -

  • Executive Chef
    SUSHIOLE. Madrid, Spain -

  • Chef Assistant-Cold Area
    CITRA RESTAURANT. Madrid, Spain. -

  • SushiChef – Gastronomic Advisor
    SUMMARESTAURANT.Madrid,Spain. -

  • Executive Chef
    SASHIMI. Caracas, Venezuela. -

  • Headchef
    YAMATO SUSHI BAR. Caracas, Venezuela. -

  • Second Assistant of Yamagushi Itamae
    KAMPAI. Caracas, Venezuela. -