Global Sushi Challenge in Hamburg: German sushi top of the global creative list

At the German preliminaries of the Global Sushi Challenge on 1 September, the participants delivered compelling evidence of their skills to the high-calibre specialised jury with unusual taste and colour combinations. 15 sushi masters from top German restaurants gave a display of their skills, and their creations also suitably impressed grand sushi master and jury member Hirotoshi Ogawa: “The Japanese can actually learn from the creativity of the German sushi chefs.” It was shown once more just how closely the Japanese sushi tradition is associated with fresh salmon from Norway, which established itself as a top-of-the-range product a long time ago and is extremely popular amongst sushi lovers across the globe.



DSB_7621     sushi plate bijaya gurung third global sushi challenge

sushi the duke ngo second global sushi challenge     DSC_6178

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The winner of the national preliminary contest is Mongkol Patprom from the Mangostin Asia Restaurant in Munich: as the German sushi master, he will be travelling to the world finale in Tokyo on 25 November. Patprom, who was born in Thailand, managed to pass both rounds of the competition with flying colours and managed to deliver a convincing performance both with hit classic “Edomae Sushi” as well as with the creative “Original Sushi”. The jury rated his inside-out roll with Norwegian salmon, young green rice fried crispy and a delightful, impressive miso-honey sauce. “Together with my sushi master, I spent two intensive weeks preparing for the contest, and I’m overjoyed to have won this immense distinction,” said the 41-year-old.

The second place went to The Duc Ngo from the Frankfurt-based restaurant Moriki, and third place was reached by Bijaya Gurung, owner and sushi chef of the Misaki Sushi Restaurant in Hamburg. With a placement only in rank 4, Mori Kotaro from the Off Club owned by Tim Mälzer in Hamburg only just fell short of the medallists’ podium. Even though they failed to reach the top 3 in spite of creative compositions, secret favourites of the competition like Holger Tamm from the Sansibar (Isle of Sylt, Germany) and Charlotte Schröter from the Toshido in Bremen were delighted to be there. After all, one of the tasks was to gain valuable experience and to establish new contacts with other sushi chefs

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DSB_7131     sushi bijaya gurung third global sushi challenge

DSB_7001     sushi Monkol Patprom winner global sushi challenge

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