Low Chee Hui

28 Jahre,

Grund für die Teilnahme

"Participation in this Challenge will give me the rare chance to compete against non-Japanese Sushi Chefs in Singapore and to learn from the experts. My goal is to become a Master Sushi Chef comparable to the world experts.

I view this inaugural Challenge as a golden opportunity for non-Japanese Sushi Chefs in Singapore to showcase our ability and put Singapore on the world map by gaining pole position in the finals in Tokyo, Japan. I am confident of success.

Mere participation in this Challenge will be good publicity for Mitsuba Japanese Restaurant. Success will help to draw more discerning Sushi connoisseurs to our restaurant.

I have been a Sushi Chef for 10 years and since 1 May 2014 I am the Executive Chef at Mitsuba Japanese Restaurant Pte Ltd. Exposure at this Challenge will certainly enhance my knowledge and enable me to come back and share the learning with my Assistant Executive Chef (Sushi) and others involved in Sushi preparations"

Meine Arbeit

Beruflicher Werdegang

  • Executive Chef
    Mitsuba Japanese Restaurant - 2013 - Present

  • Sushi Chef
    Irodori Japanese Restaurant - 2009 - 2012