Spain, 21-23 September

Place: Escuela Superior de Hostelería y Turismo de Madrid ( Map )

The Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC), in partnership with the World Sushi Skills Institute of Japan (WSSI), is proud to present the Global Sushi Challenge 2015, an international competition that, among others, seeks out the world in a search to identify talented and skilled Japanese sushi chefs, to establish a strong network of passionate and dedicated “global sushi chefs”, to increase the knowledge in the art of sushi and the number of sushi lovers, and to develop stronger awareness for this healthy and delicious cuisine worldwide.
The opening event brings together the best of both worlds: Japan’s tradition of sushi and Norway’s leading position in the raise and manufacture of quality salmon, which is widely enjoyed as an ingredient for sushi around the world, recognizing the growing global appetite for Japanese food in general, and for sushi in particular.

The National Final in Spain

The “Global Sushi Challenge” Spain preliminary competition was held on September 23rd, 2015, at the Official Kitchen School of Hostelry and Tourism (Escuela de Hostelería y Turismo) in Madrid, Spain.

The finalists

For the Spanish national competition, 10 sushi chefs from all around the country were selected to participate in the final competition, which consisted of three different rounds. The Edomae Sushi round, which evaluates basic skills for preparing sushi, the Original Sushi round, which assesses originality, and the Chef Recommendation Piece round which evaluates the creativity as well as the fresh and novelty flavours involved.

The Jury

The GSC Jury was made out of 7 judges:
Mr. Hirotoshi Owaga (General Manager, WSSI), and Mizuno Kazuo, from the World Sushi Skills Institute (WSSI)
Mr. Kazuhiko Koshikawa and Mr Johan Vibe, Ambassadors of the Japanese and Norwegian Embassies in Spain.
Mr. Luis Cepeda, one of the most important food critics and gastro journalists in Spain, from the leading newspaper El País and La Guía del Ocio magazine.
Mr Ricardo Sanz. A reference as one of the main sushi chefs in Spain. Executive chef in Kabuki Restaurant.
Antonio López Esparza. Chief Operating Officer and Member of Director Committee of Makro in Spain and Portugal

Results of the National Final in Spain  
1st placed winner – Mr. Yoshi Yanome (Tastem Restaurant, in Valencia, east of Spain)
2nd placed winner – Mr. Juan Bautista (Rocío Tapas & Sushi, Málaga, south of Spain)
3rd placed winner – Mr. Andrés Medici (Osushi Restaurant, in Vigo, north of Spain)

Spanish Challenger, Mr. Yoshi Yanome

Mr. Yoshi Yanome has achieved more than 20 years of experience as sushi chef. One of his reasons to apply for the competition was to continue teaching Japanese culture in Tastem restaurant. He always wanted to transmit the values ​​of Japanese culture through his experience as a Japanese chef. He also loves to communicate his passion and knowledge to his customers, making them to become more interested in the Japanese culture and cuisine.
Yoshi Yanome will bring together the Japanese and Mediterranean flavours in the conquest of the judges in Japan and will try his best to become the best sushi man in this first edition of the Global Sushi Challenge.

One of his most remarkable moments at the National Final was when he presented his Sushi Masterpiece made of Norwegian Salmon as its main ingredient!
Video summary of what happened at the national final in Spain
Next stop … Tokyo!