Optional 2-day seminar for participants of Global Sushi Challenge 2015.

Participate in this two day optional seminar conducted by the World Sushi Skills Institute/All Japan Sushi Associations to be certified for the International Sushi Proficiency Certificate.

This is the only globally approved certificate from the official sushi body in Japan.

Day 1

  • History of sushi
  • Sushi rice: selecting, washing, cooking, sushi vinegar, mixing with rice, storage
  • Sushi equipment and tools: usage, handling and maintenance
  • Selecting quality seafood and fish: handling, preparation and storing
  • Fish and seafood in detail
    • The seafood presented will be whatever is available in each market/country
    • Norwegian Salmon in detail, its advantages, fresh vs. frozen, characteristics of different parts of the salmon, “best usage” of  different  parts  demonstrated  through  Japanese  sushi tradition and method, and how to reduce waste
  • Japanese tradition and methods of preparing, treating and flavoring fish and seafood for sushi and sashimi
  • Neta (sushi topping)
    • Cutting & slicing for nigiri sushi
  • Nigiri sushi making
  • Roll making
  • How to decorate sushi
    • Dish and point for decoration
    • Sasa (bamboo leaf) cutting
  • Sashimi cutting
    • Correct slicing of fish for sashimi
  • Different styles of sashimi
    • Hiki-zukuri, hira-zukuri, sogi-zukuri, usu-zukuri
    • Tsume making
  • Food safety at sushi bars and restaurants
    • How to prepare the fish and food safely
  • Prep at sushi bar
  • Food poisoning and illness
    • Parasites and bacteria
    • Tools and facilities
    • Personal hygiene
    • Safety

Day 2

  • Practical demonstration by WSSI instructors
  • Practical prep and hands-on training in smaller groups under the guidance of WSSI instructors focusing on edomae sushi creation
  • Written test for the Sushi Proficiency Certificate. Multiple choice, 50 questions. Passing grade 80 points


Participation in the seminar is not required to be selected as candidate for the Global Sushi Challenge competition. However, for selected finalists, the normal seminar fee of $225 USD will be waived.

This seminar is open to a limited number of up to 30 chefs, and the selected finalists will have priority. Those not selected as GSC finalists will need to pay the seminar fee directly to the World Sushi Skills Institute.