Rules and regulations

Requirements for competition participation

  • This is an individual competition. No assistants are permitted.
  • No age limit, preferable with minimum 3 years experience as a sushi chef.

For selection, each candidate should include pictures of his/her own:

Original sushi creation

Please present a picture of an original sushi creation consisting of at least 8 different kinds of salmon sushi, a total of 20 pieces. (moriawase style) Competitors may use all parts of the salmon and/or combine with other ingredients. Competitors may choose the other ingredients of own wish ; plating is freestyle.

Although chefs should show creativity, basic principles should be followed. These include the balance between rice and seafood, where both ingredients harmonize and the sauces do not overpower the taste of the seafood; clean cut intersection; correctly cut seafood; clean and neat plating; and overall balance of colour and form.

Competitors must include one original salmon sushi recipe — a “masterpiece.” This will be one of the criteria for final selection.

Country challenges

A maximum number of 20 chefs will be selected for each of the country challenges based on their application forms. NSC and WSSI will make the final decision in the selection of the finalists, and this decision cannot be disputed.

The competition will be evaluated in two rounds:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and skill in making Edomae Sushi. Time limit : 10 minutes. Value : 30 points (only to be judged by 2 WSSI judges) :
    1. Present 7 pieces of nigiri (2 pieces of salmon) and 1 cucumber roll cut into 6 pieces. 2 identical plates, 1 for display and 1 for judges. Completed bamboo leaf cutting within the 10 minutes can be awarded bonus points. All ingredients for this will be prepared and handed to the participants. Missing pieces after time limit is over, will be penalised. (-3 points per piece, more than 3 pieces missing : disqualified)
  2. Present own creative sushi plate. Time limit : 60 minutes. Value :  70 points (2 WSSI judges and 3 local judges) :
    1. Present a total 20 pieces (8 pieces must contain salmon in one way or another); the other seafood/ingredients can be competitors’ own selection. 2 identical plates, 1 for display and 1 for judges. Your most confident piece is to be made “ala minute” and served each of the judges directly for tasting. For this part, additional 5 minutes will be given. Ingredients for this except for salmon, is to be purchased, prepared and brought by each contestant if not specific agreement with the organiser is made beforehand. You may flavour own sushi rice/bring your own. Missing pieces after the time limit is over, will be penalised. (-3 points per piece, more than 5 missing : disqualified)

General evaluation points: organization during preparation and presentation, personal hygiene, work hygiene and ethic, food waste and utilization of salmon and other seafood/ingredients.

Besides taste and overall balance, criteria such as plating, correctly cut and placed seafood, neatly cut intersections, tightness of the rice, how each ingredient is balanced and enhances the umami will be evaluated. Sauces should not overpower the seafood and rice taste.

Cutting of finger/hand will be penalised with minus 10 points.


All ingredients and supplies for the competition and Edomae portion will be supplied by the event sponsors.

Any ingredients not supplied by the event sponsors that are needed for original sushi plates must be supplied by the individual competitor. Ingredients that competitors need to supply will be determined once they submit their applications.

Competitors should bring their own knives and chef’s coats.