GSC 2015 Chef Jun Jibiki of Japan Crowned Inaugural World Champion!

The Top Sushi Chef Decided from 186 Competitors in 14 Countries
-Second Place Chef King Meng Tan of Singapore and Third Place Chef Takatoshi Toshi of U.S.A.-

The Global Sushi Challenge (GSC) Planning Committee (Members: Norwegian Seafood Council and World Sushi Skills Institute) hosted the “Global Sushi Challenge 2015” Grand Finals on November 25, 2015 at the Tokyo Marriott Hotel. Winners of the national competitions, held between May to October 2015 in 14 countries, gathered on the day to represent their countries at the Grand Final. Finalists competed over two rounds in the same format as the national competitions: an “Edomae Sushi Round” to evaluate basic skills for making sushi, and an “Original Sushi Round” to evaluate creativity. Chef Jun Jibiki of Komazushi, representative of Japan, became the inaugural world champion of the Global Sushi Challenge.


Mr. Jun Jibiki with 27 years of experience as a sushi chef now works at Komazushi in Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. For the Grand Final Mr. Jibki commented, that he felt huge pressure competing as the sushi chef representing Japan. He also stated that “after meeting with the finalist from other countries and seeing how they work, I realized we have a shared vision.”
As for the future of global sushi culture, he said “I feel infinite possibilities for sushi. There are still unknown realms of sushi.” His work is expected to further develop the global sushi culture.


Chef King Meng Tan, Second Place (Representative of Singapore) and Chef Takatoshi Toshi, Third Place (Representative of U.S.A)

Mr. King Meng Tan, with 13 years of sushi chef experience finished in second place. He explained his thoughts on finishing second, “I saw the other chefs’ sushi plates and thought there was no chance for me so I am very surprised but happy.” Mr. Tan expressed his enthusiasm to improve his sushi skills and knowledge in the future, and added, “I was able to gain confidence and pride as a sushi chef through this competition. This is only the beginning and I will keep on improving.”

3.King Meng Tan_Original

Third placed finalist Mr. Takatoshi Toshi of the U.S.A with 20 years of sushi chef experience said, “Every finalist was enjoying the experience and I was also able to enjoy it.” He commented that, “Sushi is undergoing globalization. I would like to try using various ingredients from both Japan and abroad so that more people are able to enjoy sushi.”

1. Takatoshi Toshi_original

Grand Final Chief Judge Mr. Masayoshi Kazato
“It was really hard to judge the grand final held in Japan. Chefs from each country showed various skills and high creativity. While all chefs presented excellent plates of sushi, basic knowledge and skills on hygiene management became the point of differentiation for this competition.”


About the “Global Sushi Challenge 2015”
“Global Sushi Challenge 2015” held for the first time this year aims to improve the knowledge and skills of sushi chefs and consumers for good quality sushi to be enjoyed all over the world. National competitions have been held from May to October 2015 in a record 14 countries with 186 sushi chefs as a preliminary round for the grand final.

About the World Sushi Skills Institute (WSSI)
The World Sushi Skills Institute (WSSI) is an institute that manages seminars and examinations for the “Sushi Proficiency Certificate”, which was established by the All Japan Sushi Association (AJSA). WSSI was established by Masayoshi Kazato, director of the Sushi Proficiency Certificate System in October 2013, in order to drive the certification system and hygienic sushi preparation. WSSI consists of 25 members from both Japan and abroad.

About the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC)
Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) is the Norwegian seafood industry’s own marketing organisation. NSC is headquartered in Tromso, Norway and has representative offices in 13 of Norway’s most important seafood markets. The seafood industry itself is financing the activities of NSC through an obligatory export levy. NSC is a public sector corporation owned by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries.

About Norwegian Salmon
Norwegian salmon has a clean, fresh taste that comes from being bred in the clean, cold fjords and coastal seawaters of Norway. It is then shipped by air without ever being frozen. Introduced as a sushi topping for the first time in 1985, Norwegian salmon has now become one of the most popular sushi toppings worldwide. Norway is the largest producer of salmon and exported 32,724 tons of fresh salmon to Japan in 2014.

About the collaboration between World Sushi Skills Institute and Norwegian Seafood Council
World Sushi Skills Institute and the Norwegian Seafood Council have signed a “Memorandum of Agreement” in 2011 to collaborate on the global development of sushi. “Global Sushi Challenge” is an extension of this MOU where WSSI is responsible for the development of the rules and guidance for sushi skills, while NSC runs the event as the main sponsor.