Taiwan, 14-16 July

The world first “Global Sushi Challenge” is touring all over the world searching for the sushi master chef.

The first Global Sushi Challenge in Taiwan and Professional Accreditation Sushi Seminar are inviting chefs from Taiwan to shine on global stage.

Japanese cuisine is becoming the international mainstream diet, creating up to NT$10 billion dollars of business opportunities in Taiwan every year. The main reason for this is their emphasis on the quality of every ingredients and the strict restriction on how they process ingredient, moreover, the uncompromising spirit of Japanese. The Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC), in partnership with the World Sushi Skills Institute of Japan (WSSI), is presenting the Global Sushi Challenge 2015, an international competition that seeks to identify talented chefs skilled in the field of Japanese sushi, as well as promoting the principles of the hygienic handling of fish and seafood to safeguard its quality of being enjoyed raw. The 2015 Global Sushi Challenge will run country challenges in 14 different countries. The winner of each country will be invited to take part in the finals in Tokyo, Japan on 25th November 2015, fight for” Global Sushi Master Chef”. The country challenger of Taiwan will get a cash prize of NT$30,000 dollars and a trophy. We sincerely invite sushi chef in Taiwan to participate in this international competition to show their creative and professional cooking skill.

Application details and information about “Global sushi challenge”

  • Contact: Hogarth & Ogilvy  Charline Chen
  • Tel: +886-2-7745-1763
  • Email: Charlinecl.chen@hogarth-ogilvy.com
  • Address: 3F, 89,Song Ren Rd., Taipei110, Taiwan

Seminar for “Global Sushi Challenge”

  • Application deadline of Global Sushi Challenge & Professional Accreditation Sushi Seminar: 5 June 2015
  • Professional Accreditation Sushi Seminar: 14 – 15 July 2015
  • Global Sushi Challenge 2015 Taiwan Qualifiers: 16 July 2015
  • Global Sushi Challenge 2015 International Finals in Tokyo, Japan: 25 November 2015