Poland, 07-09 September


The „Global Sushi Challenge 2015” Poland national competition was held on September 9th at the Centrum Technik Kulinarnych DORAM in Warsaw. Dora Metal was a partner of the contest.

Before, on September 7th and 8th WSSI Instructors conducted Sushi Seminar for 23 professional chefs – 20 finalists and 3 chefs invited locally. After Seminar all participants had to pass Sushi Proficiency Exam. And everybody passed it here in Poland! So we were 100% success!


The jury selected 20 finalists out of 34 submitted applications. The jury focused on the compliance of the submitted work with the competition task, as well as the contestants’ creativity. All entries were numbered in the order of submission. The jury did not know the names of the contestants.

During the Final 20 sushi masters from various places of Poland had to prepare as everywhere, according to the rules: “Edomae Sushi Round”, “Creative Sushi Round” and “5 Masterpiece Round”. The group was divided into 2 teams. Start numbers had been draw the day before.

  • All rounds were judged by 2 WSSI judges: Mr Hirotoshi Ogawa and Mr Takashi Okumura and 3 local judges:
  • Wojciech Popow – Chairman of the Polish Association of Sushi Chefs
  • Alon Than –Famous Sushi Chef, Sushi World Champion – World Sushi Cup
  • Maciej Nowak – the most popular Polish food critic and writer.

The most popular Polish B2B title Food Service was the partner of the Contest.

During the event finalists were working in accompany of invited guests – representatives of Polish-Japanese associations, sponsors, food industry representatives, bloggers, media and family.

Results of the Poland National Competition              

1st placed winner – Mr Kasper Krajewski Oto Sushi, Łódź

2nd placed winner – Mr Tomasz Oleński, Zen Sushi Bar, Kraków

3rd placed winner – Mr Kamil Smok, Sakura Sushi Bar, Katowice

Poland Challenger, Kasper Krajewski  

26 years-old. Participation in Final of Global Sushi Challenge and a ticket to Tokyo have been my biggest dream since I started working with sushi. My dream has come true today, but I still can’t believe it…. My career is a hard craftsmanship’s path which I am following since over 7 years, working over 300 hours each month. I try for each piece of fish and each dish to become even better and to satisfy my guest. I feel that what I do is good and the chosen path is right.