Japan, 02 September

Starting time: All day
Place: ABC Cooking Shiodome City Center Studio ( Map )

The “Global Sushi Challenge 2015” Japan national competition was held on September 2, 2015 at the ABC Cooking Shiodome City Center Studio in Tokyo, Japan. For the Japan national competition, 11 sushi chefs were selected to participate in the competition. The competition consisted of two rounds; the “Edomae Sushi Round,” which evaluates basic skills for preparing sushi, and the “Original Sushi Round,” which assesses creativity. 5 specialists judged the rounds: Mr. Masayoshi Kazato, Head of the World Sushi Skills Institute; Mr. Tadashi Yamagata, Head of Sushi Organization Zenkoku Sushi Shoseikatsu Eisei Dougyou Kumiai Rengokai; Mr. Takatoshi Suzuki, Head chef at Chisen; Mr. Masato Nagase, Vice president of publisher Asahiya Shuppan; and sushi comic artist, Mr. Roswell Hosoki.

Results of the Japan National Competition              

1st placed winner – Mr. Jun Jibiki (Komazushi, Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture)

2nd placed winner – Mitsuru Hayashi (Kin Zushi, Gifu prefecture)

3rd placed winner - Mr. Osamu Shimizu (Otaru Masazushi, Tokyo) 

Japan Challenger, Mr. Jun Jibiki 

Mr. Jibiki has 27 years’ work experience as a sushi chef. One of his reasons for entering the competition is to compete and test his ability. Mr. Jibiki said that his priority is to make good use of the ingredients, and this competition is no exception. He said, “I have a chance to participate in the Grand Final, so I want to aim to become the best in the world.”

Comment by Mr. Kazato, Head of the World Sushi Skills Institute

Mr. Kazato said, “The level for many of the sushi dishes was high in this competition because creativity is reflected in ‘Japanese’ sushi. In particular, the sushi by 1st place winner Mr. Jibiki was excellent! He prepared a sauce, which made great use of the ingredients.”


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