Indonesia, 25-27 August

Place: Aipro Training Facility, Menara Top Food, Alam Sutra ( Map )

The Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) and the World Sushi Skills Institute (WSSI) will hold the first and the biggest competition to find the best sushi chef from 14 countries, including the United States (U.S.), Indonesia, as well as countries in Europe and Asia. The event also introduced the principles of the hygienic handling of fish and seafood to safeguard its quality to be enjoyed raw.

The Global Sushi Challenge aims to bring the best of two worlds; Japan’s tradition of sushi and the principles of the hygienic handling of fish and seafood to safeguard its quality to be enjoyed raw; and Norway’s position as the leading producer of quality salmon, which is widely enjoyed as sushi worldwide. This is also supported by the availability of Norwegian Salmon worldwide and its unquestionable reputation. Eating sushi has become a global trend. Unfortunately, the proper skills to prepare and maintain the hygiene of sushi is not fully understood.

Event date:

  • Sushi seminar with international accreditation by WSSI: August 25-26, 2015
  • National Global Sushi Challenge competition: August 27, 2015

SEMINAR – August 25-26, 2015

Inline with the objective of improving the international standards of creating sushi professionally, WSSI will conducted an accredited seminar about sushi for 40 professional chefs as the opening event to the national Global Sushi Challenge 2015 competition.

COMPETITION – August 27, 2015

This competition will be held in Indonesia in August 2015, and will be divided into two categories: traditional Edomae sushi and original sushi creations. To join the competition, chefs must submit their work in both categories in accordance with the requirements stated on the registration form. For assessment in the second category, they must submit their original sushi creations, called “My Masterpiece”, using Norwegian salmon.

Registration form and event details are available at the Global Sushi Challenge secretariat in Indonesia (Edelman Indonesia) – (021) 72159000/