Germany, 01-03 September

Starting time: Tuesday, September 1st
Press Admission: 10:00
Start Competition: 10:30
Place: KüchenFab ( Map )

A highly exciting culinary news item:

On 1 September, sushi chefs from Germany’s very best sushi restaurants will be competing in Hamburg to deliver proof of their expertise, taking part in the German preliminary contest to qualify for the Global Sushi Challenge. The winner stands to compete at the big global finale in Tokyo.

Tuesday Sep. 01


Press admission

10:30 - 15:30

Global Sushi Challenge 2015 – Preliminary contest in Germany


Award Ceremony

At the national preliminary contest, the task at hand for sushi chefs is to convince a high-calibre jury of their skills. 3 Michelin star chef Christian Bau from Victor’s Fine Dining by christian bau at Victor’s Residenz Hotel Schloss Berg and Michelin star chef Yoshizumi Nagaya from the Nagaya in Duesseldorf will join the big Japanese sushi masters Hirotoshi Ogawa and Takashi Okumura on the jurors’ panel to select the winner from the contestants.

National championships will be staged in a total of 14 countries worldwide. The respective winners will be meeting in November at the big finale in Tokyo to compete for the world champion title at the Global Sushi Challenge.

The contest is a cooperative venture under the auspices of the renowned World Sushi Skills Institute (WSSI) from Japan and the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC), the world’s biggest joint representative body of the Norwegian fish industry.

The aim of the context is to produce the best from two worlds:

The Japanese sushi tradition and fresh Norwegian salmon, one of the most popular sushi toppings around.
Today salmon is known as the most popular topping for sushi; however, only 30 years ago did the Norwegians introduce it to Japan. This special bond between Japan and Norway as well as between sushi and salmon is to be honoured in the form of the Global Sushi Challenge (click here to find out more).
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